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The Smart-Palm PMS! Is Your One Stop Shop Cloud Solution For Smart Property Management. “All Hotelier - Entrepreneurs” can now maximize revenue and operational efficiency with minimum investment requirements.

This is an all in one customizable solution that is cloub based with high availability and equipped with an offline module to ensure business continuity with minimal interferences.

Below is a summary of the feature list for Smart-Palm PMS:- Front office, Back office, Point of Sales, Online Booking & Payment gateway (Rooms & Restaurants)), Channel Management, Smart-Palm Mobile app, Smart Rooms, Smart access control, Smart Track, Self Check-In, Self-Service Employee Attendance Tracking & Payroll with Pension Manager, Spa - Health Club Management, Wi-Fi Management, Call accounting, IPTV Management, Smart Monitor and last but not the least the Loyalty Program Module.

We provide execellent custom hospilality management solutions that suit all kinds of properties ranging from Single property hotel, Multi-Property Hotels, Vaccation rentals, Inns and B&Bs, Family Hotels and Resorts, Beach and Vacation Resorts, Holiday Condo Resorts, Boutique Hotel Properties, Luxury and High-End Hotels. 

All the provided solutions need minimal IT infrustructure and don't require in house IT support team hence saving all of cost on such investments. With us you are rest-assured of 24x7 support whenever needed. 

The Smart-Palm PMS! is a product of the Palm InfoTech & Smart Infotech - Dubai; which are subsidiaries of The Palm Association.
The Palm Association is a multi-directed company that offers events services, information technology consultancy, real estate - fully furnished apartment leasing - renting, agriculture - farming & Charity Support.

To become the smartest most affordable hospilality property management solutions on the Globe now and in the future.

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The Palm Association is now established in the United Arab Emirates and operating in all the Emirates but mainly in Dubai.

We are your one stop shop for all hospitality solutions. Learn more about the Smart-Palm Property Management System.


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